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the Cage by Corviid the Cage by Corviid
An image for the Looking Glass show

This was the last piece I did right before my deadline, so it's extremely rushed.. a speed painting of sorts. Done in an hour when I would have loved to spend two days on it.

Read about the show [link]

This is a counterpart to which will be used in the show (but was not created for the show).

Watercolor & ink

Conceived by Cera Byer, these are her comments:
I chose three pieces to feature as the "posters" in Alice's bedroom: An antique medical illustration of a human spine, a phrenology chart, and a heart in a cage. To me, I was hinting at the delicate structures that hold us in place. They were in Alice's bedroom, her private chambers, the secret corner of her world where she is shown at her most vulnerable. The spine was meant to hint that inside, we're all made of the same bits. The phrenology chart, another illustration that alluded to sameness - and also that one science of explaining the human mind is as good as another, depending upon what you choose to believe. The heart in a cage was meant to be an allusion to the Queen of Hearts, who appears later in the production. When I saw Raven's piece "the Garden", I knew an additional piece wouldn't need to be created - we could use that one, the aesthetic was perfect.

In Wonderland, these three "posters" are replaced by their "Wonderland Counterparts" - Instead of a human spine, we show the inner workings of an imaginary Clockwork Beetle, the phrenology chart is replaced by the "Crainiological Diagram" of a rabbit (complete with pocket watch and buttons), and the caged heart swings open and empty.
Marsuvees-Black Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is beautiful!
Awellmadebed Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010
a very excellent rendering
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